After extensive study, we believe that we offer the most complete series of surgical contact lenses available for this procedure. They are discussed on this page.

We have the two special contact lenses for laser treatment of floaters that are by far the most widely used in the world. They are sold internationally by the top manufacturer of such lenses.

A Surgical Contact Lens Helps To Vaporize Eye Floaters in Several Ways

  1. It neutralizes the optical power of the cornea so that the middle and posterior vitreous can be viewed with a slit lamp microscope.
  2. It slows down any movement of the eye.
  3. It neutralizes most corneal astigmatism and optical aberrations of the patient’s cornea that may degrade the focus of the laser beam.
  4. A contact with a positively curved front face increases the coning of the laser beam and thereby reduces the laser power needed and also protects the retina.
  5. The contact lens can be designed to focus the laser to the front, middle, back or the periphery of the vitreous.

The Karickhoff Lenses

Karcikhoff 21mm floater laser

Karickhoff 21 mm Floater Lens:

used to treat central floaters in the anterior and mid vitreous.

Karickhoff Off Axis 21mm Floater Laser

Karickhoff Off-Axis 21 mm Floater Lens:

used to treat peripheral floaters that are in anterior and mid vitreous.

Karickoff Contact Lenses

In addition to the two Karickhoff lenses, we also have five other lenses that we use to treat floaters.