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Dr. Corrales by eye medical equipmentIn the past, the only way to learn about laser treatment of floaters was to buy the first and only book on this subject by John Karickhoff, M.D. and learn from it.  There are no courses or formal training for this operation.  Of course Dr. Corrales got Dr. Karickhoff’s book and learned by that method.  But Dr. Corrales also learned laser floater treatment by a unique method.  Dr. Corrales is the only doctor ever personally trained by Dr. Karickhoff.  This was done one on one in Dr. Karickhoff’s office by examining floater patients and performing the surgery together.  Dr. Corrales was so impressed with the efficacy and safety of this procedure, that when Dr. Karickhoff retired, he bought Dr. Karickhoff’s laser for floaters and also bought his eight surgical contact lenses for floater cases.  This is the largest collection of floater surgical contact lenses in the world, and his laser is excellent for the procedure. 

Dr. Corrales performs every floater case with his unique training and equipment. 

Fascinating Eye Floater Facts

  • Almost always the patient will be told that nothing can be done to help their vitreous floaters.
  • But in reality, laser treatment of the floaters in experienced hands is a simple, in-office procedure. (see Our Procedure page)
  • Vitreous floaters can be treated in a 20 minute laser procedure in which there is no discomfort and no limitation of activities (see Our Procedure page).
  • The floaters to a very great extent are obliterated by the laser, not just broken into many smaller floaters (see Science Background page).
  • People unfamiliar with this treatment assume it to be risky, but the world medical literature reports a very low rate of complication (see World Literature page).  In experienced hands, laser treatment of eye floaters is perhaps the safest procedure of intraocular eye surgery. The U. S. Food and Drug Administration when approving YAG lasers for this procedure, classified this as a non-significant risk procedure.
  • The only alternative to laser treatment of floaters is the vitrectomy procedure. With it, the rate of significant complications approaches 50 percent (see Vitrectomy page).
  • We believe that we offer the finest laser available for this procedure (see Our Equipment-Our Laser page).
  • We believe that we offer the largest selection of surgical contact lenses available for this procedure (see Our Equipment-Our Surgical Contact Lenses).

Free Book: Laser Treatment of Eye Floaters by John Karickhoff, M.D.

To see a summary and download free book, go to book: Laser Treatment of Eye Floaters. This is the world's only physician authored book that goes in-depth into the procedure of treating eye floaters (aka vitreous floaters) using laser technology.


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