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Dr. Corrales' office in Falls Church, VA
Our Office in Falls Church

We are located 6 miles west of Washington, D.C. There is direct subway access from Falls Church to Washington.

Transportation and motel information is on the Maps, Airports, Motels, etc. page of our web site.

We ask that you wait for six weeks after the onset of the floater before coming here, and then only if your doctor can see your floater. It greatly increases your chances of being a laser candidate if your doctor can see your floater. It is heartbreaking to tell patients who have traveled a long distance that their floaters are so small or transparent that we can not find or see them and, therefore, can not offer the procedure.

Your Schedule Here:

On the first morning that out of town patients are here, we evaluate them and usually do the procedure that same day on one eye. We see the patient the next morning (the second morning). If additional laser shots are needed, those are given. If only one eye has floaters, the patient is then free to leave by noon. If the other eye has floaters and the patient desires treatment for it, then the second eye is done the second morning if the patient and doctor are satisfied that the floaters in the first eye have been significantly improved. The second eye is re-examined on the third morning. If a few additional shots are needed, they are given, and the patient is free to by noon.

What to Bring

We ask that patients bring their eye doctor's name and FAX number so we can send a report.

Prior to Arrival

Please stop contact lens wear five days before coming here.

Morning of...

We ask that on the morning you come to our office, you do not drink more than one cup of coffee or other fluid with your breakfast. Excess fluid intake can raise the eye pressure a few hours, making it unwise to do the laser procedure.

You can call the office at (703) 532-0728 to make arrangements and have your questions answered.