Until 2007, laser treatment of eye floaters was essentially unknown to eye doctors. Doctor Karickhoff is in the process of informing all eye doctors of this new procedure in the following ways:

  • First, a large, well supervised study of laser treatment of eye floaters needed to be done to learn the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.  The only such study was done by Dr.Karickhoff and was supervised by the Institutional Review Board of his local hospital and the United States Food and Drug Administration.  This 200 patient study showed the procedure to be effective in 92% of patients, and there were no significant complications.
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Our Book.

Dr. Karickhoff
Dr. Karickhoff before giving the first invited lecture
at the new Albert Eye Research Institute of
Duke University.

  • Doctor Karickhoff has also written a book on this procedure that has been purchased by 280 eye surgeons. This book is the only source of detailed information on this subject. There are no tapes, no videos, no lecture series, and no residency training. This book is for sale on this web site under "Our Book" listed in the Home Page menu.
  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology asked Dr. Karickhoff to give an interview to the Associated Press about his floater work.  That AP article appeared in hundreds of newspapers and hundreds of news web sites.  You can see the U.S.A. Today article at www.usatoday.com/news/health/2007-01-27-floaters_x.htm
  • Doctor Karickhoff is also giving a limited number of lectures on the procedure.